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Muju trip. And some parenting lesson

So we went to Muju yesterday to experience all the fun that snow could offer. Gigih jugalah cari boots, gloves, mak nenek baju, sambil bawa bekal minyak gamat, vicks, band-aid. I used to be a complicated person and fickle-minded (still am), feels like I have to prepare for everything. Nasib baik ada suami yang tegas dan rasional (dan sarkastik), maka tak bawalah periuk, beras dan telur masin. Haha. When we were all starting to play the snow sled, after renting some gears, Ikhlas getting cranky and decided to sleep. Like really sound and comfy. On my lap.  Few hours before, I was amazed and argued (a little) about how ambitious Zul wanted the day to be. With his target mantra, ' main sampai lebam '. I was like, really? Understandably, the drive was long, and we already spent on the accommodation. But with two kids on tow, and the winter jackets were so annoyingly big I couldn't even walk comfortably, I'm really OK if the kids are OK. I told him to not put ex

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