Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's not always about you

I'm gaining weight, and currently looked flabby. The feeling is almost unbearable. People around me keep asking the question: 'are-you-pregnant?' sort of. The fact that I'm at home most of the time and the house chores doesn't burn that much of calories, (and some of the works include cooking and, hence, eating), so i didn't burn the fat much. People I'm not close with even dare to ask about my weight, and make me wonder, do I look that fat?

Maybe because I way much slimmer when I get married, so relatively I'm fat now. It's not that really important for me to impress people around me, but I believe, weight gaining has to do with my diet, and very much affect my health, which scares me if at this age my system cannot tolerate this amount of fat, how would be in the future? (Here comes the technical part).

When this kind of worries took a better of me, I google some of the tips to lose weight. This one I find quite interesting, and practical. Let's do it, shall we? 

But on another note, how oh how do we say no to these? 

AirBatuCampur Jagung, Tanjung Batu. Substitute of non-existence of Cendol or ABC (here).

Cheezy Wedges. One of brilliant products of KFC. Am guilty as charged.

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