Thursday, February 14, 2008

You can't deny laughter; when it comes, it plops down in your favorite chair and stays as long as it wants

I made this yesterday. Simply easy and delicious. 

The Aiskrim-Malaysia freshly prepared. Not yet to be taken.

All you have to have is plastik aiskrim, cream corn, corn-artificial-flavor, a little bit of tepung sagu, and condensed milk. Mix all, and boil quick and add some salt to it. This is to make sure the Aiskrim Malaysia didn't taste too icy and too hard. I believe the salt make the mix's molecule more fine, therefore, the taste is a lot better (same goes to tepung kanji). Will make some other flavors next week (I'm thinking of Aiskrim Malaysia Asam-Masin and Aiskrim Malaysia Kacang Merah). Yummy.

The frozen one. Ready to be taken. 

A friend of mine did argue the name of this ice cream. He said why Aiskrim Malaysia can be named ice cream, where we all know that ice cream is actually cream that been frozen - iced cream. I guess it's all about malaysian version of ol' ice cream. We don't have the luxury of cream back then. Just forgive them, shall we? After all we got the pleasure of icyness and sweetness in it. That's all we want in any ice cream, right?

We watch Actorlympics on NTV7 yesterday. All  I can say is, what a brilliant show. We laugh so hard i have to take 2 times of my inhaler. My husband said he didn't laugh that hard since Shaolin Soccer. We didn't have the opportunity to watch it live at Bangsar Actor's Studio, so watching it on tv doing us just fine. They are so so brilliant performers. (if you like watching Who's Line Is It Anyway, you might like this one. Or even if you don't like WLIIA, I bet you'll like this. It's the local version. With Afdlin Shauki of course)

Oh, will have a trip to Miri tomorrow. Later.

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