Monday, April 21, 2008

The greatest gift you can give another is the purity of your attention

I have certain rules and ways of doing house chores. The way my parents upbringing me, and the way I learn along the way thru school and colleges, I manage to stick to that way wherever I go. Some other time, improved, and some maintained. Being a mild so-called OCD (or so I thought) person, I learn to like doing same things repeatedly as habit and I enjoyed it so much. Being home alone since married (when Zul going for work), I surprisingly enjoy my aloneness doing laundry, dishes, cooking, and sweeping; quietly and slowly. I enjoy so much killing the time doing it slowly. 

I have rules I must obey like hanging the clothes according to their types and sizes and all hangers must pointing out with the hook outside, hanging the underwear on hanger with their waist on the outside, washing the dishes starting from cups to plates to forks and spoons, and arranging it on the dry rack starting from the biggest to the smallest, put spoons in spoon compartment, and forks in fork department, ladle and spatulas in another compartment. Before the new batch of dishes is washed, all the dried plates and stuff must go in the drawer accordingly after been wiped out. All the surface of stove and sink and cabinet must be swap with diluted dettol. Extra cooking oil must be bottled and labeled. All new groceries must be arranged according to their expiry date and sizes, flour or powdery products need to be bottled and labeled, with the same size of bottled (if I can). Tiresome, I know, but once i finished doing all these, there's warm satisfaction feeling would lingered and that makes me feel happy and content. Couldn't find the same feeling elsewhere.

That's why when my dear MIL staying here and being so helpful with the house-chores (for the reason she needs to exercise and couldn't stand doing nothing), I feel somehow missing something. Being a wonderful mum she is, always want to race and fight over washing the dishes (for example) ahead of me. It's suppose to be wonderful thing for others, but for me, it makes my works double as I have to re-doing it so that I won't feel there's unfinished business in the kitchen. 

My dear friend, Mieyn once told me that I need some medication for it. For the OCD thing. And my sister Dya once told me after I rearrange plates on rack and nagging her for not doing the same, that she sure doesn't want to visit my home when I get married (that was when I was still young and single) for she doesn't want to inferior with my kitchen system. 

Obviously, I don't do it for no reason. I do it to instill systematic flow and environment in my home. But I guess, still I have to forgive others and to let it loose sometimes. Don't you think?

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