Sunday, May 18, 2008

You think you know who you are. You have no idea.

I watched this movie out of boredom, from Zul's old DVD collection. It's released in 2006, so it might be a little outdated. But the issue and point taken from this film is constant. Classic. And still applies even in our beloved Malaysia. 

Usually, I might not opt myself to watch this kind of film. Because my idea of  watching a movie is to entertain, to bring you out from daily hectic and stressful life. The light, comedy and a little bit drama could help, without burden you with another worries of what might happen to the main characters. But between here and there, sometimes, and sometimes only I could watch this adrenaline pumping movies. And in this case, Zul's collection doesn't give me much choice, other than men's movies. 

If you think I'm shallow, that's ok. But it's my time of life that i wasted, no?

Anyway, Crash knocks me on my head about the issue of racism. Some close friends of mine knew I self-claimed myself as a racist, but what I find out after watching this is, racist is a little harsh and too big word for me, but I may be a little bit prejudice. Who doesn't have prejudice, anyway? A little skeptical, a little suspicious.  But so far, I never hurt or make any physical gestures to anyone with different skin color. The worst thing I did was a mumble in my heart. 

But then i remembered one tazkirah session with Zul, that reminds me that how perfect Islam is, that ask us all, Muslims, to have husnuzon, bersangka baik, on the first thought of everyone, every single person we met. And that shows me I have a lot to improve on myself. Especially here, in Malaysia. Skin's just a genetic heritability, but heart and attitude is not.

That's a lot of writing on a very hot and boring Sunday, coming from me, eh? By the way, you could read the rest of the synopsis of Crash, here. Be good, people.

p/s: Moving at the speed of life, we are bound to collide with each other.

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