Wednesday, July 9, 2008

An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow

Our first anniversary celebration was fun, considering we don't have much choice here in Bintulu. It was on working day, so we went out after Zul get home from work. I managed to bake a cake, even-though it didn't turn out as I expected, but it was okay (for a first-timer baking a sponge cake and make my own buttercream frosting). 

The heart shape cake, which was manually shaped. Small, eh?

See the imperfection level? Looks like it's going to sink. Mind me, the first timer, even the smudge are all over, frostings doesn't look tempting at all. Bleurgh.

We had dinner at one of the hotel's restaurant here. The foods was good, but I think the portion is too much for us. After that we heading to catch a movie, and settled for Kung Fu Panda. (I blamed Bintulu for not having any romantic movie, since like-forever, but fortunately KFP was a good and entertaining movie, so, that was okay). 

We went home after having late-night drinks at one of the eateries here, feeling happy and hopeful for many many years of blessed life together. The end.

P/s: We didn't bring the camera along, so only handphone camera image was available, hence the poor quality image. The first picture, I mean.  

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