Sunday, August 24, 2008

High up above or down below, When you're too in love to let it go, If you never try you'll never know, Just what you're worth

So I had exam yesterday. After so many years not attending any close-book exam, this is definitely the most too-much-question-yet-so-little-time-provided. I guess other than because my exam skill is little rusty, or because I was spoilt for having too much time in previous exams, or that I complained too much. (I guess the latter one was the reason). After each exams, I anxiously waited for the girl sat in front of me (whom talking too much in their bahasa Sarawak, and making so much noise in between papers, and gossipping about who get to went to this interview, and that interview) would sighed and complained for not having enough time on the questions, but no. No sigh, no complain. Just happy and ready for the next paper. So it's me. I guess.

And the fact that I didn't know anyone in the hall, or a boy right behind me is sick and coughing hard every single question, or it rained heavyly and I sat next to the window and it's making my desk and chair wet all over.

So I guess its true. I complained too much.

But alhamdulillah, other than the questions that I'm not able to answer for time was up, I guess I did my best, and satisfied. And one question that I want to share in Personality Section was

Adakah anda pernah mengumpat?
a) Ya        b) Tidak

The question didn't ask you whether you ever mengumpat and repent or whatever. This is tricky. Either they want you to answer honestly, or in morally right answer. So I chose (a). Who does never mengumpat, you ask?

Do you?

* By the way, Zul has uploaded some pics in his blog. Check them out!

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