Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Am catching up

As much as I love being in my hometown, specifically my parents' house, I still longed to be home, here in Bintulu. After approximately 2 weeks in Melaka, Penang and KL, here I am, back in business again.

Still needs time to catching up, changing bedsheet, taking showers, doing the laundry, restocking foods in fridge, washing toilets, and updating my facebook and (answering tags in my) blog. Will update details on my sis' wedding back home, after settling down. 

Oh, by the way, I'm taking PTD exam again, this Saturday. Selalu lah kena study last minute macam last time, baru tahu tadi masa masuk rumah, ada surat dari SPA. So wish me luck. I'm not giving any hope, just do it, like Nike adv says.

Oh, picture credit goes to my talented husband, of course, and edited by yours truly.

Till then, people.

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