Monday, March 30, 2009

Come, as you are, as a friend, as I want you to be

1) It's Marliza's birthday today! The most optimist, positive, appreciative, fun, and everything a friend could ask for-person I ever met. I wish her all the best wishes in the world, dan semoga semua impian dan harapan, dan doa dan angan-angan yang pernah kita kongsikan, tercapai. Jika bukan pun untuk hari ini, mungkin untuk hari yang lebih baik dari hari ini.

2) That's me, taken yesterday, at Tanjung Batu, Bintulu. As usual, tagging Zul when he needs some shooting therapy. 

3) We bump into a couple who happens to be Zul's colleagues, strolling along the beach. Which reminds us to do that same activity whenever bore strike us.

4) Oh, that was the burned candle . That involved in Earth Hour. Unfortunately, our neighbours didn't seem to bother to switch off. So boring. 

5) Oh, I miss my parents. Lamanya lagi nak jumpa.

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