Monday, March 9, 2009

When a weekend is merely just another days passing by

Zul has been working all weekend, including this Maulidul Rasul-off day. That's okay, I'm getting used to it, since he will be collecting more in-lieus which can be used in the future. I've been juggling between Facebook, You Tube, Limewire, Travel and Living channel, Star World, Astro Oasis, and wikipedia. So in between pc, living room and the kitchen, I sometimes making mental notes to do some googling on certain things that trigger my curiosity. Like cheese, yoghurt, the difference between cheese and yoghurt, Idris Jala, good oatmeal cookies, and etcetra. 

And it's a major score that I live in a time where encyclopedia is not in the third floor library where one has to dress appropriately, ride a bus, ignore annoying people between the ride, bring the campus card, search the exact edition of encyclopedia in the freaking slow search engine the library own, and finally, eyeing every row of dusty shelves with the exact code number for the book. Not to mention the extra sneezing and flu one get after the searching succeeded, in case he/she has serious sinus problem. Yes, you know how dusty and germy the third floor libary is. 

My point is, be grateful that, like the nokia adv, the information just merely at the point of your finger. 

Not exactly at the point of your finger (it's just an expression, you know what they/I mean), all you have to have is a good streamyx line, and a pc. Just google or do some wikipedia. And you must have a good judgement, whether the source is reliable or not.

I'm babling nowhere, I know. Things like this happens when one has too many free time eventhough there's pile of clothes to fold, and onions to peel. And dinner to be prepared. Let's get to the points I have searched, shall we?

1. Do you know that Dato' Sri Idris Jala is a Kelabit, and a christian? I just knew that fact. Am little bit curious about his achievement, so I google. Do you know that he had made a tremendous profit in MAS when that giant already almost collapse few years back? Yes, he changed several small things that you might not aware like the use of stainless steel cutlery to the plastic cutlery, the in-flight meal set (from tray servings to box servings), cut off some annual leave for the staff, the ice cubes in drinks, and many more. Small things make a big impact, eh? I'm just hoping that he won't change the in-flight peanut snack that we used to enjoy. It is so good. 

2. Do you know what cheese is made of? Well, obviously it is a dairy product, so it is from milk. Mostly from cow's milk, and some of them are from goat's, buffalo's or sheep's. How it turns into cheese? The milk undergoes coagulation process (proses pengentalan) with casein, and rennet. Casein and rennet are both enzymes, which the former can be found in the milk itself, while the latter can be found in mamalian stomach, which in most cases, in calf stomach. Whether the calf has been slaughtered properly or not, is what most of us do not know, or simply do not want to know, or didn't know that we don't know. 

So, when Zul went to Amsterdam last month, he brought back a pack of cheese, with some label in it 'contains rennet', and that made us somewhat suspicious, and you know, once you suspicious about the ingredient of some foods, you were forbidden to eat them. So he gave the cheese to his non Muslim boss. Later when I google about rennet, I found out that cheese that contains rennet is actually permissible to us, Muslim. The details can be found here. If you just lazy to read it, it's mainly because rennet is an enzyme, and not an organ of an animal. 

Geez. (Or in this case, cheese). We wish we could get that cheese back from Zul's boss. Like some buruk siku people. Heh.

3. Both cheese and yoghurt are from milk, so what turns them into different thing, different taste? I already told you what makes cheese into cheese, so what turns milk into yoghurt? It is bacteria fermentation. That explains the sourness in yoghurt. There are several terms of yoghurt around the world, such as Thairu (in Malayalam), Dadiah (or Dadih, very familiar right? Can be found in West Sumatran), Labneh (in Arabs) or Zabady (made in Egypt). 

I won't talk about cream, double cream, or butter. I already make my point here. So many interesting products, from such a wonderful creation of milk. Subhanallah. Another miracle foods I adore, after santan, of course. 

This is quite much info for an entry eh? Mind me, I can be somewhat budak kecik iklan astro sometimes (which Zul always like to tease me with, if I load all this infos to him when he got back from work).

I think enough sharing for this time. I need to defroze my dinner, and need to fold some clothes. Later.

p/s: Maulidur Rasul, is it just another public holiday, or do we really get to remember him by doing all his Sunnah? I hope I'm doing the latter. 

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