Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bila saya seperti tiada kerja, walaupun sebenarnya perlu masak, lipat baju, gosok baju, kemas dapur, bla bla bla

Rupanya saya masih bertangguh membalas tag Sham, (dan Marliza), tapi kerana tag ini sedikit mudah, dan saya seperti mahu update blog, silalah layan tag saya yang ini.


5 things found in my bag (lima saja? alaa)

  • tissue packet
  • wallet
  • small note pad
  • a pen
  • eyeliner and lipliner (eh, sudah terlebih)

5 things found in my wallet

(picture taken from

  • Zul's and emak's pasport pic
  • Farley and New World member cards
  • Kad nikah Jabatan Agama Islam Melaka
  • ING insurance card
  • several RM notes, and a GBP10 note (Kak Long bagi, p/s: Ain belum cash kan lagi, tunggu pound naik, boleh tukar, haha!)

5 favourite things in my room

(picture courtesy of

  • a pic of me and Zul, on the glass of our dresser
  • Favorita comforter set (gift from Marliza and Yunik, thanks guys, we love it)
  • of course, our bed (the only furniture in this house that belongs to us)
  • IKEA hanging rack
  • the pc and the ALTEC LANSING speaker (these allow us to be lazy when we want to watch movie, but we want to be on the bed, at the same time.) 

5 things I've always wanted to do

(picture taken from

  • (bukan tiru Sham, sudah lama mengimpi yang ini, sejak kecil), performing Umrah with my parents and Zul 
  • bungee jumping and hang gliding
  • learn culinary and cooking
  • open a bakery/small coffee shop
  • stay fit and slim no matter how much i consume

5 things I'm currently into

  • adapting to Bintulu (it's currently a love-hate relationship, really)
  • enjoying my unemployment 
  • try as much as baking and cooking skills from internet
  • learning photography from Zul (at very slow pace)
  • dragging myself to jog, three days a week (which seems to be too rhetoric, apparently)

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