Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The sleepy butterfly=Rama-rama ketiduran

The postponed entry
The heart to heart story telling may take longer days than I expect. You know, the writer's block, the lack of will, the procrastination at its best, whatever you want to call it. It's here. It's taking over my blog.

Geraham Bongsu
Or perhaps the uncomfortable condition of my jaw caused by the stubborn geraham bongsu that happens to take too long to appear; worsen this situation. I hope the pain will subside sooner. Let's hope.

Damage control
Am doing some damage control to my waistline, as well as my lipid condition under my skin. I'm doing it for the whole week, (or so I hope), at least I can put on my jeans comfortably. Next week. Let's pray.

The Rescue of Joseph Kony's Child Rescue
I urge all of you to take a look at this video. Some humanitarian tremendous work on doing something to change the world. Something that none of us could ever done (or think of doing), but by watching this might change our perspective a little bit. But I'm not sure any Malaysian could involve in this. This is big, peeps.

Am reading Three Cups of Tea, so all these stories make so much sense to (Zul and) me on how total strangers could make great impact on certain society, but never wanted anything back to them, except for some good changes to the society itself. Different religion, different races, and different background. Hebatnya pengaturan Allah.

We recently had watched two movies half way. One is The Reader, and another one (which we watched last night) Ong Bak 2. The Reader was too deep and philosophical (or maybe we were too stunned by Kate Winslet nude image) and we decided to stop watching.

Ong Bak 2, on another hand, was too epic, far beyond their first version which was so easy to please and simply attractive with only muay thai. It is too epical we felt too tired to watch all those complicated settings and video editing (and very yellowish too). We stop at the first 20 minutes and continue with HOUSE instead.

Oh, my short entry seems too long. I should get back to my reading. Later.

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