Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When its brown its cookin, when its black its done.

It's been ages since we last invited friends to our home for party. So, last weekend, Zul decided to throw one. A barbecue party it was. Bbq and pot luck party (somehow this was applied only by married friends), attended by close friends, and we couldn't be happier, because it turned out to be great.

We prepared some bbq stuffs (lamb cutlets, chickens, sausages, and ikan pari berempah), with nasi goreng, mashed potato and ice lemon tea. Sue and Choe brought along lovely coleslaw and garlic bread (which was so good), Zai and Azlan brought their version of mashed potato with mix vege, and Eja and Koi brought two tubs of ice cream.

The serving tables was full, so did our tummies.

The marinate recipe was so good, we decided to make a business out of it, eventhough it is not originally ours. (Hopefully Mr Redza Yusof approve this idea).

The boys hang out until the final round of football game, until we ran dry our last cups of coffee (and tea as well).

The chicken involved

Somehow these are the only girls, including me (not in the picture).

Firing up the charcoal.

The mashed potato with gravy, and coleslaw.

Clearer view of the lamb cutlets.

The said product, prawns, sausages, and lamb.

Thanks to those who came, and to my wonderful husband who did most of the cleaning work (and did it wonderfully good), and burnt a little bit of his pocket to make sure the party went well. I couldn't love you more.

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