Friday, June 25, 2010

Crocodile and hippopotamus

Marliza tweet about showing her parents some interesting videos on you tube. That reminds me of some videos of a (very) cute french girl on you tube, Zul shared with me during my confinement back in Melaka. And I'd like to share one of them here.


Ah, storytelling or making up a story? So cute.


cutiecaliph said...

cute..see the face expression when she mentioned ''crocodile.." hehehe

i want a baby girl plss!!;p

AyinEmran said...

ana: comelkan? insyaallah after thariq girl la pulak :)

yongE said...

kiutness..ahaha penuh emosi betul bercerita..
oh tak leh lepas pandangan tengok mata n eyelashes yang panjang nyee itu..

cutiecaliph said...

lepas kasih boy la plak ek kak ain;)

AyinEmran said...

yong: kan? comel betul.

ana: insyaallah, doakanlah. :)