Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My new baby

I have setup a new blog for my small kitchen business. Go take a look, and order some! 

It still needs some improvement here and there, but having to setup a new blog is such a pheww moment for me. I have received several orders to date, even before the blog is there, but haven't manage to upload the pictures. Thanks to some close friends who dare to order their cakes from me (Nora & Ily), because my cakes are not the pretty and neat type. 

I will try to update whenever there are new products, and feel free to drop me an email whenever you have some inquiry or request regarding my products. Constructive comments are always welcome, whether about my new business blog, or the product itself. I am so very amateur, and this is just something I need to do for myself. 

It is no longer Kitchen Aid driven motive anymore, because I'm quite happy with my USJ brand hand mixer (got it free in exchange with New World Mart points). I think having a bigger oven might be helpful than Kitchen Aid. But for my short term target, I want to give something to my dear husband, his birthday is in 23 days. A party, or some golf related thing. Please help me, and order something you pretty people. *winking eyes* Especially you guys in Bintulu.

Bye for now!