Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cause I live and I learn, if you live you will learn, yes I live and I learn, I got it now.

We have reached Bintulu, safe and sound. As usual, the prosess when stepping in our home sweet home would take several days.

1. Getting use to the sneezing and runny nose.
2. Unpacking the bags and do the laundry.
3. Getting rid of the rotten and spoilt food in the fridge.
4. Stock up with new, need to do some groceries shopping.
5. Sweeping, mopping. If needed. I'm glad it didn't get to dusty, so.
6. Catching up with the social networking, with this, I mean the facebooking and blogging.
7. Catching up with the missed episode some tv series.

Oh, I need not bore you with the list of the process, do I?

Am waiting for the machine to finish the first batch of laundry. Oh, by the way, the PTD exam that I took, I didn't get it. In clearer words, I failed. I think my brain's deteriorating. Need to do some serious repair. But in Zul's comforting words, ' Takde rezeki, mungkin itu bukan yang terbaik untuk kita'. Maybe. I'll try again. But the urge to work and get paid is so high.

Need to move on. Cuba lagi, usaha lagi.

In the mean time, I will find time to update with some pictures taken on our trip back home, soon. 

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