Thursday, May 28, 2009

If you ever have to support a flagging conversation, introduce the topic of eating.

This entry is just a waste of time. You have been warned.

Okay, among the reasons I started to blog is to share recipes with friends, other than to reach my families with my everyday stories here, in tanah bertuah Bintulu. Not that I'm good in cooking or whatsoever, but just to share. Some recipes are different from others. So here's my place. No need to blabber more. 

But lately, I have been running out of recipe sharing entries. I don't exactly know why. Maybe there's some repetition in my cooking that I don't want to share again, or maybe I was too intimidated with all the good cooking blogs out there, with prettier pictures, and better presentation than mine, or maybe I don't have camera right now. Okay, that is just silly. I have camera. But just too lazy to snap food picture. I sometimes think my food is not worth sharing.

This is going nowhere. You know that. I know that, too.

As you know, most of my daily time is consumed in front of the TV. AFC is one of among many channels I watched if there was nothing better to watch. You know that show, Cook Like a Chef? From that show, I concluded that being a chef is a tough job. And if you think your food in any restaurant is too overpriced (well some are just ridiculous), maybe you should think again. And if you are fortunate enough to spend some money on this type of eateries, opt for foods you could not make yourself. Please don't order mee bandung, or mee soto or nasi goreng kampung in place like this. You can get it somewhere else with cheaper price. Get something extravangant, even you could not pronounce without looking at the menu. Like 'Burrata Pugliese con bottarga' or 'Chocolate & Chantilly millefeuilles'. Something like that. The chefs would love to do it for you. That's their job. They are trained to do something like that.

Speaking of which, if any of you happens to be in hotels around KL, too tired to go out and hungry (and demanding), but don't want to order something from the room service, you can call Room Service Deliveries.  These guys can take your order from various kind of restaurants, and send it to your door with minimum RM10 delivery charge (with minimum order of RM20). Say, you are craving to eat Kenny Roger's Lamb Chop and it's killer muffins, but you are staying at Hotel Tunes, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, you can just call them, and they will send it to you. Simple like that. 

What am I now, a food guide channel?

I just read about it in Going Places May edition. The coolest edition we have ever read. Because it is food themed. That's another problem with Malaysian Food Guide. We don't have one. Like this magazine. (Because it was a magazine, so the coverage was so limited). When can we have proper Malaysian Food Guide, like one that cover Malaysian foods, not just chinese foods, or overpriced foods. 

See, I am talking, err, typing nonsense. But it's a wonder how you guys keep on reading.

p/s: The entry title is a quote from Leigh Hunt

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